DuPont and ExxonMobil to Take Thermoplastic Vulcanizates to the Next Level

DuPont Transportation & Industrial recently entered into a collaboration with the specialty elastomers business of ExxonMobil Chemical, with an aim to develop a new range of Santopreme thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs). The Santopreme TPVs will be particularly manufactured for use in the automotive corner mold seals production.


ExxonMobil and DuPont have formulated the next-generation Santopreme TPVs, by replacing the traditionally used organic slip additives with the engineered silicone-based additives of DuPont. The new Santopreme TPV platform enables improved bonding to the ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber substrates, and reduced coefficient of friction closing and opening of automotive windows and doors. The new Santopreme TPVs also deliver enhanced flow properties, ultraviolet light stability, and abrasion resistance.


The Marketing Manager of DuPont claims that collaboration with ExxonMobil has brought more than the cutting-edge developments in TPV products. It has laid the foundation for pipeline projects, which benefit from unique attributes of DuPont’s silicone technologies for solving industry challenges and delivering better customer experience.


Enhancing the Performance of TPVs


ExxonMobil’s focus on enhancing the adherence of Santopreme TPVs to the EPDM rubber substrates was encouraged by need to address customer requirements for high-performance corner mold seals. However, reducing the coefficient of friction remained a key concern, which led the company to collaborate with DuPont for exploring the application of the silicone-based additives.


The development team of DuPont realized the low COF delivered by the synergies between silicon polymer with ultra-high molecular weight and lower molecular weight. Apart from better sliding attributes than organic additives, the bonding performance of the silicone technology to dense EPDM rubber substrates was enhanced.


This is one of the crucial factors to be considered in case of overmolding, and enables greater flow characteristics for better processing throughput and ease. The newly developed Santopreme TPVs are also expected to protect from damage caused by slammed doors, and prevent discoloration and cracking. This partnership between DuPont and ExxonMobil will strengthen the bond between companies in terms of business, while paving new ways of developments in seals used for automotive windows and doors.

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