EV Traction Motor Market – Insights on Scope 2026

According To The Latest Study By Fact.MR, Global Demand Of EV Traction Motor Is Estimated To Exceed US$ 6,000 Mn In 2019, Up From US$ 5,391.9 Mn In 2018. Sales Of Electric Vehicles And Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Upheld By A Host Of Technological Features And Claims Of Optimal Performance, Are Likely To Boost Growth Of EV Traction Motor Market In 2019 And Beyond. In Addition, Increasing Regulations And Norms Put In Place For Effective Emission Controls Are Working In Favor Of Hybrid And Electric Vehicles, Paving Lucrative Avenues For Growth Of EV Traction Motor Market.

Governmental Schemes To Incentivize And Subsidize Owners Of Electric Vehicles Is A Key Aspect Underpinning Growth Of EV Traction Motor Market. Most Of These Incentives And Subsidies Include Tax Exemptions, Tax Credits, Concessions, And Additional Benefits, Which Play A Vital Role In Exerting Positive Influence On Customer Decision-Making. The EV Traction Motor Industry Is Likely To Benefit From These Incentives With Regard To Revenue Generation, Finds The Report.

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Automakers Prefer EV Traction Motors With High Voltage Ratings

According To The Research Study, Energy Efficacy Is Emerging As One Of The Focal Points Of Automakers, On Account Of Its Importance In Reducing Of Greenhouse Emissions. High Voltages Provide A Healthy Boost To The Efficiency Levels, Which Is A Primary Reason For Automakers Preferring Motors Of High Voltage Ratings Over The Ones With Low Voltage Ratings. Both Electric And Hybrid Electric Vehicles Are Based On High Voltage Battery Systems, Which Implies That High Voltage Levels Would Be Required For Generation Of Sufficient Power To Run The Vehicles. Moreover, Motors With High Voltage Ratings Have Wirings That Are Relatively Uncomplicated And Lighter, Which Continues To Be A Key Benefit For The Automakers. The Global Sales Of High Voltage EV Traction Motors Are Estimated To Exceed US$ 3,700 Mn In 2019, Estimates The Fact.MR Study.

North America Continues To Be Most Attractive Market For EV Traction Motor

As Per The Report, North America Continues To Be The Largest Market For EV Traction Motors, With Sales Estimated To Exceed US$ 1,700 Mn In 2019. Increasing Adoption Of Commercial As Well As Passenger Cars Is Likely To Support Growth Of North America EV Traction Motor Market. Rising Number Of Promotional Initiatives By The Governing Authorities In This Region Is Supporting Adoption Of Electric And Hybrid Electric Vehicles In This Region, Creating Revenue-Generating Opportunities For Companies Operating In The EV Traction Motor Market.

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Manufacturers Focus On Value Proposition Via Incorporation Of Advanced Technologies

Manufacturers Operating In The EV Traction Motor Market, With An Aim To Edge Out The Competition, Are Adopting Differential Strategies, Unveils The Report. Leading Companies Operating In The EV Traction Motor Market Are Collaborating With Leading Automakers Planning Electric Vehicle Rollouts To Amplify Their Profitability. The EV Traction Motor Industry Is Also Focusing On Reliability, Which Is A Key Selling Point In The Automotive Space, As A Crucial Element To Build Up Brand Equity And Control The Warranty Costs. Companies Are Enhancing The Versatility Of Their Offerings, Which Would Help The EV Traction Motors Deliver Flawless Performances Under Extreme Conditions. Key Considerations, Such As Hard-Duty Cycles, Vibration, Temperature, And Others, Are Taken Into Account By The Manufacturers To Ensure Best-Quality Products.

EV Traction Motor Market- The Competitive Landscape

  • In 2019, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT)- A Company Offering Thermal Management Solutions, Made An Announcement Of The Acquisition Of The Precision-Cooling Business Of Parker Hannifin Corporation, A Leading Player In EV Traction Motor Market.
  • In 2017, ABB Limited- A MNC Operating In The Areas Of Power, Robotics, Automation Technology, And Heavy Electrical Equipment- Acquired KEYMILE Group’s Mission-Critical Communication Business Unit. This Acquisition Is Aimed At Expansion Of ABB’s Communication Network’s Portfolio. This Will Also Help In Extension Of Revenue-Generating Opportunities For ABB.

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